Ventart Group LLC

Ventart Group LLC

  • 15. February 2021
  • NEWS

In your opinion, how badly has the HVAC & R industry been hit by the restrictions associated with COVID-19?

Of course, all areas of business suffered from the restrictions imposed, which affected both production and the placement of new orders; some challenges are observed in timely delivery. However, despite this, medical safety measures have been strengthened all over the world, great attention is paid to the indoor climate, ventilation equipment, proper adjustment of ventilation systems and etc.. This has even created a sudden demand in the HVAC&R sector.

It’s especially important now not to cut off communication with partners and clients. Could you share your experience with your Russian and international colleagues, how do you continue promoting your products in a situation where some borders are closed and travel restrictions imposed?

Face-to- face meetings remain essential and most effective way of interacting with clients, but along with this, we have begun to practice more remote communication tools. As for the promotion of products on the foreign market, we did not encounter any specific difficulties. The only drawback caused by recently imposed Covid-19 restrictions is a slight increase in the delivery time of products.

The lockdown situation was a time to reconsider production and sales process, to improve digitalisation and to implement innovations. How did your company react on these challenges?

Our company has always embraced innovation. The introduced restrictions and widespread digitalization made us to redefine a of number internal business processes and to improve communication with our partners. In addition, we have gained new experience – we took part in the International Industrial Online Exhibition.


Forecasts are now made very carefully, but still… According to your assessment at this time, when do you expect some recovery in international business, including from Russia?

Indeed, it is very difficult to make any forecast, but we hope for a complete recovery of the business in the coming years. If we talk about the ventilation market, then it seems to us that it is already in significant demand, especially air purification systems market is growing. 

What are you expecting from Clime World 2021?

First of all, we expect that the Climate World 2021 exhibition will not go online. Otherwise, we are looking forward to meet our regular partners, new customers, as well as to see new innovative products in the field of ventilation.


What novelties can you showcase in the field of HVAC&R at the upcoming Climate World 2021?

We are currently working on various projects, the most interesting we will present at our exhibition stand. See you at the exhibition “Climate World – 2021”!