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Climate World Expo 2024 to welcome a record number of industry professionals to its 19th edition.

Feb. 27 -March 1, 2024, Climate World Expo, Russia’s premier exhibition for heating, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial and commercial refrigeration, will be bigger and better this year with an impres-sive international presence.
Climate World Expo is not only the most anticipated HVAC/R event in the industry, it is also a leading communication platform for companies to connect with thousands of customers and other experts in the field.
The must-attend HVAC/R event in Russia doubles the exhibition space of last year and promises to become the best edition since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Visitors will be able to explore new trends and equipment from more than 250 companies from eight countries.
The expo’s popular business programme is back this year with presentations every day of the fair.
The business program will feature over 100 speakers and include plenary sessions, strategy sessions, panel discussions and training programs.
Among the many presentations, attendees can look forward to a wide range of international speaker sessions.
One such session will be hosted by Errecom Spa about the sustainability and efficiency of HVAC/R systems. Erricome will consider the importance of the cold chain and the current global cold crunch, while focusing on the consequences that micro leaks have on the planet. During the session, techni-cians will also learn how to properly maintain the HVAC/R systems overtime to prevent efficiency loss and save energy.
Another international session will be hosted by ISKID and titled “Turkish HVAC market with potential and prospects for the development, with key strategies and changes for 2024.”
The exhibition will feature hundreds of the industry’s top companies, including Rowen, Galvent, Breezart, BHB SYSTEM, Bühler AHS, TermoIndustry (the official distributor of Dunham-Bush), Cule
d.o.o., Errecom SPA, Fachman, Frivent, Aerdyn, Refcool, Redvent, Radoil, Longwell, LC Engineering, KSK Group, Marcon, Monolit, Svok, Transcool, Turkov, Tobol, Tica, Tion, Veza, Ventart Grupp, Victoria, Waer, ICG Infinity Copper Group, Invisiline, YESNCER, Boreas, Strada and many more.
Among international exhibitors, Turkey and China will have an outstanding number of participating companies this year.
China more than doubled their exhibit space from 460 sqm to 1080 sqm this year. Participating Chinese companies include Guangdong Zhongguang Heating Ventilation and AC, Soloon Controls (Beijing), JDM Jingda Machine Ningbo, Shanghai Hanbell Precise Machinery, Zheijiang Wipcool Re-frigeration Equipment, Zhejiang Kaidi Refrigeration Equipment, Zhejiang Yilida Ventilator, and many more.

Turkey’s outstanding participation will include companies like AYS Aircon, CTP Muhendislik, Evapton Heat Exchanger, HYDROCH Heat Exchangers, Flexiva, ISKID, Imas Klima, Planer Muhendislik and Sarbuz Heat Exchangers.
Climate World Expo 2024 will also feature numerous partners and sponsors. This year’s general partner will be VENT ART, and the official sponsor will be Complect Ice, while the business programme sponsor will be TM TermoIndustry.
With this year’s larger spaces, hundreds of top companies and exciting presentations, Climate World Expo 2024 will be unforgettable.

The 18th International Climate World Expo 2023 was a huge success this year

Feb. 28 – March 4, 2023 

The HVAC&R exhibition at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow ran from Feb. 28 to March 4, and attracted many attendees despite sanctions. A total of 160 companies from Russia, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Uzbekistan; and 10,500 industry professionals. The event was supported by y the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Refrigeration Enterprises, NP ABOK, the ABOK NORTH-WEST association and the Union of Shopping Centers: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Companies showcased a full range of modern equipment and innovative solutions at the fair. Products and services presented included ventilation, air conditioning, cooling and heating systems, automation and many more. The fair featured a wide range of companies. These included Aiken, Breezart, Rowen, Galvent, TICA PRO, Veza, Aiken, Terma Industry, Hoocon, Victoriya, Turkov, Svok, ISIB, ISKID, Dapy company Refkar, BVN, KSK group, Sarbuz, Gemak, Frigoblock, Technofrost, AvalonElectroTech and many other leading companies. Turkey and China, who traditionally participate strongly at the Climate World Fair year after year, showed a particularly outstanding presentation this year. Additionally, TECHNOPARK, a group of Uzbekistan industrial enterprises also participated outstandingly. This year’s business program was a great highlight and success. With 25 different events, 100 speakers and 1,100 delegates, the Climate World Congress 2023 covered a wide range of topics on all aspects of the industry. Topics included recent trends, market challenges and opportunities, as well as the latest technologies and innovative solutions related to intelligent digital technologies in the industrial and domestic market sectors. The press tour was the highlight of the event with more than 10 representatives of specialized media outlets who conducted interviews with Russian and international exhibitors including Dapy, Aiken,Technofrost, Terma, ISIB, Victoria, AvalonElectroTech, TICA Pro, Aquaprom, TERMO-INDUSTRY, and more. However, it was the interviews given by Uzbekistan, Turkey and China that made headlines. These countries had a very successful participation in part because of the market gap associated with sanctions. Mr. Aydın, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISIB participated in the press tour and in the business programme. According to him, it was important to participate in the fair as Russia is the 12th largest sector importer in the world. “As the Turkish HVAC&R sector, we are one of the top 10 exporters in the sub-product groups of our sector in this country,” he said in an ISIB news release. “In order to make our sector more effective and efficient in this country, we participated in the Climate World Expo Exhibition with 10 Turkish companies.” In China, the heating power production and supply industry has been developing steadily, primarily due to rising urbanization and industrialization, according to a 2023 market report published by IBISWorld. Uzbekistan’s heating and cooling segment is also expected to continue growing, according to Statistica. For over 18 years, Climate World Expo has been the premier gathering place for climate industry professionals from all over the world. The Climate world fair is a unique platform where visitors can get acquainted with the full range of climate equipment from industrial to domestic use, discuss challenges and trends in the HVAC&R field. Today Climate World Expo is not only the most anticipated exhibition in the industry, it is also a leading communication platform. The fair’s success is primarily due to participants’ high interest with many exhibitors booking a year in advance. Already, 80% of the exhibitors have booked or confirmed their participation in Climate World Expo 2024. The Climate World team extend its thanks to everyone who participated in the exhibition, and we look forward to next year’s event which will take place from February 27 to March 1 2024 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow.

Climate World Expo 2023: Unique opportunities for HVAC&R businesses

Feb. 28 -March 3, 2023, Join the 18th Climate World Expo at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow taking place at the end of February for four days.

Climate World Expo is the leading event in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial and commercial refrigeration. This year’s event is slated to welcome world-renown companies and provide great networking opportunities for businesses.

Many companies have already claimed a coveted spot to participate in the expo, leaving just 20% of the available space left.Among them are Breezart, Briscool, Caksan Caka, Rowen, Fachman, Friterm, Frigoblock, Frivent, Galvent, Gemak Genel, ISIB, Invent, KSK group, Marcon, Ruspromholod, Turkov, Tica, Termoflou, Ventfan, Veza, Ventart Grupp. The list of already confirmed Exhibitors 2023 available here

In Russia, the HVAC&R market is growing with opportunity. When COVID-19 shook the world, the HVAC&R market was imperative to the word’s health and safety, providing efficient ventilation to buildings and hospitals. As hospitals saw numbers of patients increase, so did their HVAC needs.

The Russian market now has unique opportunities for HVAC&R businesses as western companies withdraw from Russia and leaving a big gap in the market. The Climate World Expo is the ideal venue for business networking and finding new customers to fill the gap in the market.

The expo expects to attract more than 9,000 professionals: from dealers, distributors, engineers, and installation and service companies, to company directors, management companies, sports facilities, museums and more.

Recent statistics show that 90% of World Climate Expo attendees are professionals in the field, and 81% of visitors directly influence purchasing decisions.

Highlights of this year’s event is the wide-ranging 2023 business programme that will include the participation over 2,500 delegates presenting on all aspects of the industry. Presentations will span the four days and will include discussions on new trends and sales channels, as well as informational talks on how to maintain and increase profit margins, how to stimulate sales through industry marketplaces and how to optimize service costs.

This year’s Climate Expo will also include a special tour for journalists, which will be an excellent publicity opportunity for businesses. This will be similar to the tour held at Mitex, the international exhibition of tools and equipment, that was held in November and resulted in more than 150 professional publications.

The Climate World Fair will take place on Feb. 28 -March 3, 2023 at the Expocentre in Moscow, Russia.


Climate World Expo 2022 new reality, new format


The 17th International Exhibition Climate World Expo 2022 was held from March 1 to March 4 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow.  It is the most anticipated event in the Russia air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial refrigeration industries. The event was sponsored by the Panasonic Corporation and the internet portal MIR KLIMATA/KHOLODA.

The expo brought together professionals in the HVAC&R field from around the world. HVAC&R equipment manufacturers and suppliers were also present, as well as their consumers— engineering and management companies, as well as design and installation organizations.

Exhibitors included Aereco, Alta Vent, Aspen Pumps, Buhler-AHS, Phoenix Contact, Centek, Panasonic, SVOK, TICA, Vecamco srl., VentART, Veza, Galvent, Roven, RMT, Thermocool, Testo Rus as well as other industry leaders.

People came from many countries to attend this conference. Over four days, about 7,000 climate market specialists from 440 cities from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries visited the exhibition. In addition, survey results showed that on average, from 300 to 800 B2B meetings were held at exhibitor stands.

Visitors said they were impressed with the diversity of products and modern technologies presented at the Climate World Expo 2022. Several thematic sections were organized as part of the exhibition project. For the convenience of visitors, the stands were marked with special signs to help them navigate throughout the expo.

Event Highlights

This year’s business program presented a variety of programs to attendees. In addition to traditional sector-specific events, the schedule of events included business sessions, panel and roundtable discussions, educational events, professional competitions and workshops. Programs covered a wide range of topics from urban planning to sustainable development. 

The event opened on March 1 with a strategic session called “The Future of the HVAC&R Industry: Global Trends”. Speakers discussed the transformation of the HVAC&R sector driven by new market demands and the use of innovative technological solutions.

On March 2nd, industry bloggers and marketers shared their experiences on general and practical issues in the field. General issues included discussions on what contractors want from distributors, what technical specialists need, and how distributors can properly sell to different groups of customers. Practical issues addressed how to build relationships with clients and achieve greater brand loyalty using new marketing tools.

On March 3, the Expo hosted one of it’s most anticipated talks, a talk called “Cities of the future in Russia and the world: Logical development or urban planning solutions imposed from the outside?”

Climate World Expo 2022 also hosted a myriad of industry-specific events including  conferences that covered topics like climate installations for extreme hot and cold conditions, and systems of ventilation for flats. There were also training programs from APIC and a master class on designing modern systems of ventilation and air conditioning in multi-unit housing complexes, and much more.

In addition, the Climate Profi 2022 competition was held at the Expo. Teams from different cities of Russia and CIS countries took part in the competition. The competition was split into theoretical and practical parts. Winners included brigades from Moscow, Kazakhstan and Kirov. Prizes consisted of professional equipment from the companies Testo Rus and Rotorika.

For the first time ever, the Climate World Expo hosted a social media competition titled “The best coverage of the event in social networks”. The winner of the competition was Larisa Shkarubo from Heatclub magazine.

Exhibitors Testimonies

Mr. Andrey Derepasov, Commercial Director, VEZA

“We are very happy to exhibit at the Expo. Many people look forward to this event every year. Here, in one venue, we can show all the developments that our company has been able to achieve over the past 2-3 years to everyone working in the climate industry”.

Mr. Sergey Kozhevnikov, Director of Consumer Electronics Division, Panasonic Russia

“All professionals related to ventilation and air cleaning should definitely be at the Climate World Expo. Here you can learn about technologies that have not yet been on the Russian market, including virus protection and energy efficiency. If a professional does not know about new developments in the market, he will lose out. Climate World Expo is a project that is constantly evolving. The main focus of the Expo is to present technological solutions to help people create projects and implement them. It is a very professional industry exhibition”.

Mr. Alexey Chilenko, CEO, Eco Management

“We participated in the exhibition for the first time. Our company presents solutions for engineering systems, including ventilation and air conditioning in shopping malls, fast food restaurants, fitness centers as well as in various industrial facilities. At the exhibition, we had an opportunity to negotiate with dealers, management representatives and engineering companies”.

Mr. Georgy Litvinchuk, General Director, Marketing Agency “Litvinchuk-Marketing”

“Currently  many of the exhibitors are manufacturing companies rather than distributors unlike in previous years. Now, Russian manufacturers have more opportunities. These trade shows provide the unique opportunity to meet face-to-face with partners, to present the latest products and solutions, and to receive first-hand information about new developments in the industry.

The Climate World Expo serves as a reliable market barometer, demonstrating what is actually happening in the market. The exhibition shows more than just refrigeration and ventilation products, it also showcases very complex equipment”.

Mr. Oleg Loginov, Development Director, GALVENT Ventilation Factory

“The Climate World is the main industry event. We have been participating at the exhibition for the past 12 years and we will participate in the future. The exhibition provides a great opportunity not only for professional meetings, but also for informal communication. At the stand visitors can see everything with their own eyes, touch equipment, and ask any questions.

It is very important to visit exhibitions. At the Clime World Expo we and other exhibitors had an opportunity to showcase all new products and equipment.  This exhibition is a large-scale event, all major market players are present here”.

Mr. Roman Nyatin, Leading Specialist of the Sales Department, Russian Copper Pipes LLC

“We are pleased to exhibit at the Climate World, the largest industry exhibition. The HVAC&R market is changing, it is a very dynamic market. Thus, it is important to participate at the exhibition to maintain a leading position in the market. The Expo provides a great opportunity to meet face-to-face a large number of customers which is a rare occasion in our business.

Everyone who works in the field of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation must be at this exhibition. These four days in Moscow are the best way to present yourself both as a supplier as well as a customer”.

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Climate World Expo 2022 is Just Around the Corner


March 1-4, 2022, Expocentre Fairgrounds in Moscow will host this year’s Climate World Expo, the most anticipated event of the Russian HVAC & R market. This exciting event will bring together key players and customers in related industries, including those in the air conditioning, ventilation, heating, industrial and commercial refrigeration system sectors. Such customers include engineering companies, design and installation businesses, and management companies that provide services for the integrated management of buildings, operations, and project support. Organized by Euroexpo Exhibitions and APIC, the Russian Association of Professionals, this four-day event has official support from associations and head figures in Russia’s HVAC/R industry such as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and Rossoyuzkholodprom, the Russian Union of Refrigeration Enterprises. Support also comes from a number of international associations such as Eurovent, ISIB and ISKIN from Turkey, and KRAIA from Korea among others.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the fair featured more than 350 companies from Russia and 40 different countries and welcomed over 23,000 trade visitors. Despite the current pandemic situation, many world-renowned companies have already confirmed their participation in the Climate World Expo 2022. Among them are Aereco SA, Aspen Pumps, Buhler AHS, Phoenix Contact, VILPE Rus, TESTO Rus, VECAMCO, TICA SNG, ISIB, Galvent, Rowen, Flamex, Flowair, Era etc.

This year’s Climate World Expo will also welcome  an impressive number of new exhibitors. The 11 new exhibitors include Fachmann, Freevent, Invisiline, Wear, RGP tech, Ibreeze, Vlaga, Yaldrin, Technobalance, Profvent and  STL.

To bring this event to the public, Panasonic Corporation has confirmed its participation as the partner of the Climate World Congress business program 2022. The high-profile partnership will provide a fantastic opportunity for thousands of expo visitors to discover more about the inhibitory effect of Panasonic’s nanoe™ technology against novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) strains.

In addition, the event’s internet partner will be the Internet-portal «MIR KLIMATA/KHOLODA» The portal was established by the initiative of the Russian Association of Professionals in Industry of Climate (APIC).

This year, the event format will change from previous years. This year, the expo and the congress will be held together in one place. One of the main highlights of the expo is the business program, which will run throughout all four days of the event. The business program is an excellent networking opportunity, with participation from biggest names in the HVAC/R industry. The business program will include business sessions, panel discussions, round table meetings, educational events, professional competitions, workshops, lectures and presentations of new innovative technologies. Around 80 famous Russian and international speakers and over 2,500 delegates will be present at the expo and presenting on all sectors of the industry. Speakers include manufactures, suppliers, scientists, analysts, engineers, designs, constructors, bloggers, specialists and  technicians, among others.

Key Highlights of the Climate World Expo 2022

Exciting strategic session on The Future of the HVAC/R Industry: Global Trends

The expo is excited to host a strategic session on “The Future of the HVAC/R Industry: Global Trends” as the industry undergoes an intense period of transformation driven by new market demands and innovative technological solutions. During the session speakers will address important issues in the HVAC/R sector, and what companies should expect going into 2022.

Panel Discussion: Cities of the future in Russia and the world: Logical development or urban planning solutions imposed from the outside?

This unique panel discussion will address how the HVAC/R industry has played an important role in improving the quality of life in residential, public and urban spaces, and how this role will grow in the upcoming years.

Discussions will revolve around the possibility of combining urban development and the environment, as well as trends in sustainable office and residential design: How to design a standard for life for 20 years or more?

This topic is increasingly relevant not only as the number of city dwellers in some areas are expected to double by 2050, but also as the world enters a post-covid reality. This new reality necessitates additional requirements for maintaining a healthy atmosphere, while architectural and infrastructure objects require increasingly complex and efficient engineering systems.

Additions to the Expo

The expo’s official partner, the Panasonic Corporation will present its nanoe™ technology against novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) strains to the public.

The introduction of their new technology comes at a time when people are trying to purify the air from various strains of coronavirus. After 20 years of studies, Panasonic announced the confirmation of the inhibitory effect of nanoe™ technology based on hydroxyl radicals against strains of a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2): Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta. Testing was carried out in collaboration with a major Japanese research center Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center (QTEC).

Panasonic has been researching this technology since 1997 and has confirmed its effectiveness in various areas, including the suppression of pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) and allergens, the destruction of PM 2.5 particulate matter that affects the human body in a bad way. nanoe™ is Panasonic’s original ionizer for generating nanoscale atomized water particles. Electrostatic atomization technology collects invisible moisture from the air and then with help of high voltage produces hydroxyl radicals contained in water. The presence of hydroxyl radicals in nanoe™ particles is critically important. For the first time the  Climate World Expo will feature a media room — a platform for meeting professional bloggers. This will be a unique opportunity for those  who want  to  work with bloggers and find partners to collaborate with. With the pandemic changing the world, HVAC/R has come front and center. International experts continue to observe the importance of proper HVAC/R systems in the fight against the spread COVID-19, and see the industry’s role expanding in the near future. Don’t miss out on this remarkable four-day event to interact with the world’s leading HVAC/R representatives and learn about the rapidly changing industry.

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