• 9. December 2020
  • NEWS

Muhammet Cubikci

Business communication is very much affected by the crises. In what format do you and your colleagues continue to work?

We usually work from home since early March. There are some advantages and disadvantages. I would say that we have no loss about effiency. In fact, online meetings saved us a lot of time.

It’s especially important now not to cut off communication with partners and clients. Could you share your experience with your Russian and international colleagues, how do you continue promoting your products in a situation where some borders are closed and travel restrictions imposed?

We are not a company. We are an association with more than 1.600 members. At the beginning of the pandemic we stopped our organizations like delegations and meetings. We observed the pandemic perion and decided to organize virtual delegation. I can say that virtual delegations are more efficient than we expected.

The lockdown situation was a time to reconsider production and sales process, to improve digitalisation and to implement innovations. How did your company react on these challenges?

We are not a company. I can say that Turkish companies are working to keep up with the new conditions.

Forecasts are now made very carefully, but still… According to your assessment at this time, when do you expect some recovery in international business, including from Russia?

I would say that turkey catch the same performance as last year’s export for HVAC-R products. For example, Our export to Russia increased %5 compare to 2019.

For associations

From your point of view, how hard was your industry hit by Covid 19 crises compared to others?

The uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic period was very disturbing, but I cannot say that we are affected very badly for now.