Business Programme

The Climate World Congress 2023

The most effective ways to increase sales

Climate World Congress 2023 will have a full business programme lasting four days. The pogramme includes specialized sessions, roundtable meetings, panel discussions, conferences, workshops, educational events and contests. More than 90 speakers will share their professional knowledge and the most up-to-date technological skills and knowledge.

The climate World Congress will address important issues in the HVAC/R sector such as recent trends and new equipment; challenges and opportunities in the market; ways to grow sales and more.

28 Februar 2023

White Hall
11.00 – 11.30 The Climate World Expo 2023 exhibit opens
11.30 – 13.00 Plenary session Potential and future opportunities of the HVAC/R industry market driven by the new economic situation. What awaits us in the coming year?

During the session speakers will address the main changes, current trends and prospects for the development of the market.

Topics for discussion:

  • Review and assessment of the market: the COVID-19 pandemic, sanctions, withdrawal of international companies from Russia
  • Government support for the industry
  • Localization: strategy for the development of the domestic market
  • Challenges and opportunities: China – rescue or challenges?
  • Imports from Turkey: new opportunities?
  • Logistics: disruption of supply chains, problems with the delivery of spare parts and components, parallel imports

Moderator: Mr. Konstantin Shvarev, Marketing Director, Veza

Speakers: Mr. Levent Aydın, Vice President of İSİB, Mr. Alexey Kondakov, Director General, TIKA PRO, Mr. Valery Vorontsov, Deputy Director General of Development and Sales of Pool Equipment, Systemair, Mr. Georgy Litvinchuk, Director General, Marketing Agency “Litvinchuk-Marketing”, Mr. Sergey Syromyatnikov, Deputy General Director of Sales and Marketing, Avalon ElectroTech

14.00 – 15.45 Expert Session Marketplaces in the context of a new reality: opportunities and challenges

Moderator: Mr. Anton Larin, СEO and Co-Founder of XWAY

Topics for discussion:

  • Explosive growth of marketplaces in Russia’s e-commerce market
  • Market analytics: sales of HVAC/R & household appliances (air conditioners, ventilation, air purification, refrigerators etc.)
  • Key factors to success in different marketplaces, and a list of tasks that need to be addressed on a daily basis
  • How to promote your products in the marketplace
  • Strategies for launching a marketplace, handling feedback and product returns, unit economics and pricing

Speakers: Mr. Anton Trifonov, Head of Development, CEHAC Yandex. Market, Ms. Elena Savchik, Head of Household Appliances, SberMegaMarket, Mr. Evgeniy Gashkov, Head of Sales,, Ms. Anna Kolomenskaya, Director of Fulfillment  Development, Russian Post, Mr. Alexey Khnykov, Head of Partner Networks Department,, Ms. Ksenia Kubyshina, Deputy Head of Store Support, XWAY Marketplaces

16.00-17.30 Key players in the logistics industry and market outlook

Moderator: Mr. Evgeniy Fadeev, Director General of John Gold

Since many companies have withdrawn from the Russian market, experts predict the recovery will take place in two areas: the development of parallel imports, and a re-orientation of Russia to the Asian, Indian and Turkish markets.

There are no large quantities of goods imported under the grey import model. Companies that resell goods to Russian retailers run the risk of being sanctioned by the brands.

Equipment retailers have already launched discussions about this issue. The volume of goods that retailers import under the grey import model may not be able to keep up with demand. The brands that left Russia do not plan to increase the volume of deliveries to countries where Russian stores buy goods. At the same time the excess stocks for example in Kazakhstan cannot cover the demand for goods in Russia.

Topics for discussion:

  • New international intra-country logistics routes
  • The subtleties of logistics in unstable times
  • A search of new suppliers
  • Quality control

Speakers: Ms. Valeria Batova, Key Account Development Manager, CDEK, Ms. Maria Zaytseva, Deputy General Director for Commerce of SberLogistics

Blue Hall
14.00-15.45 Scientific-practical conference held by Rossoyuzholodprom and Mospolitekh

Recent developments in the refrigeration industry


16.00 – 17.30 School of young scientists named after Professor Kalnina

1 March 2023

11.00– 12.30 Discussion session – FMCG business: Tasks and solutions to ensure a proper microclimate of grocery hypermarkets

Moderator:  Mr. Sergey Pleshanov, Technical Director of Land Management Company

Grocery stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets are among the leaders in energy consumption among commercial real estate. The largest energy consumption in grocery stores falls on the cooling systems in counters (refrigerated display cases). Centralized refrigeration systems with multi-compressor units are usually designed to have a long service life.

The long-term and reliable operation of these systems is only possible with a careful assessment, as well as high-quality installation and maintenance.

Questions for discussion:

  • Ensuring temperature regime in stores and distribution centres
  • Opportunities to reduce costs while ensuring the adequate temperature regime in stores and distribution centres
  • Monitoring the performance of refrigeration and other equipment
  • Temperature control as the basis for maintaining product quality

Speakers: Ms. Elena Bakhar, Director General, “Eltris Group LTD”

13.30 – 14.30 Round table – Shopping Malls and HVAC System Needs

Moderator: Mr. Alexey Blumkin, Vice President for Communications for the Union of Shopping Centres: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

In Russia, there are more than 3,000 shopping centres in which air conditioning equipment is installed. Most often, medium and large shopping centres use cooling systems offered by manufacturers from the United States, Japan, Korea, Poland, Sweden, Turkey and Russia.

Russia is also the world’s most important market for thermal and electrical equipment where the heating season lasts 6 to 8 months. Shopping centres are among the largest consumers of heating equipment.

Because of sanctions, difficulties in the consumer sector, the withdrawal of Western brands and other factors, shopping centres have to adapt to challenges. At the same time, the need for maintenance and repair, supply of spare parts and installation of climate control equipment remains the same.

Questions for discussion:

  • What happens with shopping malls: past, present, future
  • Forecast for opening new shopping malls

Current issues in the maintenance of climate control 

  • equipment in the shopping centre

Speakers: Mr. Pavel Lyulin, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Vice-President of the Union of Trade Centres: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Mr. Vitaly Martynov, Chief Engineer of the Multifunctional Complex YES Technopark (Moscow), which includes an apartment hotel, business and shopping centre

Mr. Valery Kostikov, Director Real Estate Operations,”Glavstroy”


15.00-16.15 Symposium – WoW  – World of water: Water supply and the latest technologies and equipment

Water is an important resource for many technological processes in most industries, and therefore water supply systems need high-quality and reliable equipment.

When installing a water supply system, one of the most important tasks is choosing the water source or supply.

The water supply should provide the right quantity of water at the lowest cost possible; while providing water in a way that meets the needs of the consumer.

The latest systems include new methods of purification and ensure uninterrupted water supply and improved sanitation. The tasks are solved using new useful and economical technologies.

Topics for discussions:

  • New technology and equipment in the design of water supply and sanitation networks and facilities
  • Challenges and opportunities when introducing new technological solutions to water supply networks.
  • Economic feasibility of new technologies in water supply and sanitation systems as a whole and individual facilities

Speakers: Ms. Elena Farnosova, Head of Research, Tion

16.30-17.00 Master-class – Rating the most expensive mistakes when promoting climate equipment and best practices

Speaker: Mr. Konstantin Ivlev, Lead Content Strategist, TexTerra


17.00-18.00 Expert session -Brand health assessment: Evaluation, criteria and tools

Speaker: Mr. Alexey Larin, Managing Partner, BrandExpert Freedom Island


10.00– 11.10 Conference – Hotel complexes: Innovative climate systems equipment and technologies
  • The design and features of ventilation and air conditioning systems depending on the scale of hotel and its star rating
  • Providing thermal comfort
  • Ensuring the required level of noise and vibration
  • Air parameter control

Recommendations for the selection and equipment of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems



11.10-13.30 Reports: “Residential Building “

Climate systems equipment and technologies for a favoured microclimate 



13.30-14.30 Reports: “Pool & Spa”
  • Features of the standard air exchange calculation
  • Air treatment processes taking into account the climate zones of the Russian Federation
  • Recovery capabilities, including in regions with harsh climates
  • Reducing operation costs of swimming complexes
  • Equipment requirements that consider increased corrosion resistance
  • Treating outdoor air with high absolute moisture content in the summer

Recommendations for selecting air conditioning, ventilation and dehumidification system equipment



14.30-15.00 Reports “Underground parking”

–   Regulatory requirements for ventilation in underground parking lots, including fire safety and smoke ventilation

–   Jet ventilation systems, removing products of combustion and reducing heat in underground and covered parking lots, removing harmful impurities from exhaust gases during normal operations, and removing smoke in emergency situations.

Recommendations for selecting equipment



15.10-15.50 Reports “Restaurants and hot shops”

–   Exhaust systems: local suction, ventilated ceilings

–   Mechanical filters

–   Calculating the air balance

–   Duct cleaning Fans

2 March 2023

11.00 – 12.30 Conference – Smart technology in the HVAC/R industry: Current solutions and future opportunities in Russia’s smart buildings 

Moderator: Mr. Yury Khakhanov, Acceleration Director of Skolkovo Urban Technologies Cluster

The rise of smart technology adoption across the HVAC/R industry. Technologies for smart homes has also been growing rapidly.

New residential and business projects must be equipped with the latest technological solutions, and HVAC/R systems are no exception. With rapid development, the HVAC/R industry is undergoing a technological revolution to keep up with the demand of home buyers and builders.

New generations are embracing both complex and cost-effective engineering solutions.

Questions for discussion:

  • Energy efficient and sustainable solutions
  • New technologies, successful implementation of new technologies HVAC/R equipment
  • Smart technology

Speaker: Mr. Andrey Morgunov, Chief Engineer, Amalthea Business Center (Skolkovo), Mr. Albert Bareev, Chief Mechanic of JSC O1 Standard, Mr. Evgeny Samarov, Independent Expert on the Operation of Real Estate, Ms. Svetlana Perminova, CEO, Unikorn, Ms. Olga Kib, Head of B2B Service Development, Yandex (online)


13.00-14.30 Roundtable Discussion – Air conditioning for data processing centers

Moderator: Mr. Viktor Gavrilov, Technical Director, AMDtechnology

Data server cooling is an important issue in operating data centers.

In 2020, there were a total of 30 large data center providers in Russia that owned 89 sites, more than half of which are located in Moscow, and 12 in St. Petersburg.

At the same time, France, for example, has about 200 large data centers. This suggests the market for data centers will grow in the coming years, and means the demand for appropriate cooling and ventilation systems is also expected to grow.

Despite current sanctions, data center providers promise to launch more than 20,000 new rack spaces in 2022. Even in the worst case scenarios, the commercial data center market is forecast to grow approximately10-15% per year

Topics for discussion:

  • Data center as a thermal power plant
  • Data center cooling concepts and standards
  • Sustainable operation of data centers
  • How to become a solution provider for the data center market?
  • What can replace the equipment of providers that have stopped operating in Russia

Speakers: Mr. Leonid Lupandin, Head of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Service Department, Selectel, Mr. Nikolay Korolev, Director General, Amperel LLP, Mr. Alexey Morozov, Director General, LLC Refcool, Mr. Konstantin Charkovsky, Director of the Department of Climate Systems, VAYBOS


15.00- 16.00 Roundtable Discussion – Workplace challenges and how to solve them

Speakers: Mr. Dmitry Kuzin, Executive Director, APIC, Mr. Alexey Busakhin, Technical Director, Promventilation

11.00-12.30 Conference of Rossoyuzholodprom

The refrigeration industry in Russia and various topics



13.30-14.30 Competitions and Awards

“CLIMATE WORLD 2023” refrigeration equipment and the best solutions. Project presentations and awards

15.00- 16.30 General meeting



17.00 Anniversary reception

3 March 2023

11.00-11.30 – How to increase your repeat purchase rate of HVAC equipment?

Speakers: Ms. Yulia Somova-Goltsvirt, Head of CRM Marketing

11.45-12.30 – New logistics 2023 – routes, schemes and solutions

Speakers: Ms. Maria Simakova, Founder and CEO, Agile Customs & Logistics